Gabriele's mother was a seamstress in Germany and when Gabriele was very young she would play around the sewing machine trying to stay out of the way of the treadle. Textiles and sewing didn't come back into her life until she retired.

Quilting came first. Gabriele was self taught until she joined the local Quilt guild, Seaside Piecemakers in Melbourne, Florida. There she found friendships and opportunities to learn from other members of the guild and from some wonderful teachers.

Gabriele truly enjoys art quilting and mixed media work. There is always something new to try, a new material, a new technique, a new method. Mono printing with a gelatin plate, screen printing, sketching and painting on fabric are all techniques she embraces with abandon. 

Quilt and Art Quilt Memberships

  • SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates)

  • Seams Unique Fiber Artists

  • Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists

Art dolls are a newfound love, first discovered at a quilt show.  The characters and the expressions that can be built out of wire, batting, cloth, fiberfill, fibers, yarns and various clays is nothing short of amazing. 

Art Doll Memberships

  • Free Spirit Art Dolls