It's been a while.....

...since i have posted. I have thought about posting... but would rather take the time to play with fabric and fiber and clay. 

In a previous life I was the director of an early learning program for children aged 6 weeks to school age. The school was child centered and when it came to art experiences we worked very hard to educate the parents that it was all about the process, not about the finished product. The children were all successful when engaged in their art if there was no perfect ideal to hold their work up to in judgement. So a blank canvas was just that. There were no lines to stay within. No correct colors to use. No time limit for completion. Each work was magnificent, even if it was just scratches on a piece of paper, if the child was engaged in the process. 

As an adult, I try to channel that feeling of limitless ability and non judgement, with mixed success. I try to get back into that mindset where everything is possible because children have not learned that there are limitations, that there are requirements for excellence and that there are deadlines...Oh my! However... I do enjoy a challenge, and I have been having a great year.

I'll be picking up my piece, Wilma, from the Florida in Fabric II exhibit at the Ruth Funk Center at FIT in Florida this week. It was a well received and well attended show in a really excellent venue. I also have two pieces that will be seen in Houston at the International Quilt Show this Fall. One in the Special exhibit Tactile Architecture and the other in the special exhibit Home. I have 2 pieces to pack and ship to the Jacksonville quilt show this week. I have two other pieces that have been juried in to the Piecing Together a Changing Planet Exhibit which will open in Homestead in December and travel for two years.

Like I said, I have been having a really good year. As an adult it seems that i enjoy being challenged to study a subject and create my interpretation of that idea in fabric and textiles. I can't help but wonder what i will accomplish next. When the idea comes to me it consumes me and I have to get it done. I have to tear through my fabric stash and paint and print those pieces I will need. It really does border on obsession, or is it just single-mindedness? My studio resembles the aftermath of a violent windstorm with fabric and fibers strewn about. But I have an inner calm that just keeps moving to solve the problem of how to show what is in my head on my canvas... on my quilt, my fiber art piece.

Is this how it is for you too? Are you also consumed with the need to express yourself?




Bromeliads in Bloom

Bromeliads in Bloom detail

Bromeliads in Bloom detail



Detail from  Denial. ... Piecing together a Changing Planet

Detail from Denial.... Piecing together a Changing Planet